What Others Say

Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Following comprehensive testing of various ultra high pressure concretes (UHPC) by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency of the Department of Defense, we received confirmation from the Technical Program Leader that our SafeTcrete™ fiber in 8,300 psi concrete performed comparatively to the UHPCs containing steel fiber.

"Suffice it to say that it (SafeTcrete) is significantly better than conventional 5,000 psi concrete for resistance to blast pressures and dynamic loading.

“It does perform much better than conventional concrete... and well compares to higher compressive strength concrete that is MUCH more expensive than SafeTcrete.

Eric Zipperer, Technical Program Leader

BPS Land Technology, Inc.

“Current applications include:

  • Supported roadway slab (best opportunity in high moisture zones, e.g. coastal
  • Industrial floors (forklift traffic, etc.)
  • Parking pads
  • Light aircraft hangar slabs
  • Loading docks
  • Precast vaults and panels
  • Other to be determined by additional field and lab testing

"Because the coated synthetic fibers do not rust they have advantage over corrosion issues that occur with steel or WWM both from the topside and from their vadose zones inherent below the slabs and the soils. This fact is very important since the single most reason for concrete slab failure is the ability of water to infiltrate microcracks, causing localized corrosion of rebar. The subsequent expansion of the rebar surface due to metal oxide growth then places a strain on the concrete slab, resulting in spalling.”

Jeffrey Cerquetti, P.E., Ph. D.
BPS Land Technology, Inc.
Baltimore, Maryland 21105