Built In Performance

SafeTcrete™ Precast Structural Fibers are part of a Patent Pending concrete reinforcing system, engineered to increase ductility and flexural performance of cementitious products. They are an ideal component for any precast concrete product. They contribute to a stronger, more durable and lighter weight casting. They may be used with reduced amounts of conventional steel rebar, or they may be used with basalt fiber rebar.

Product benefits
  • Increases the force-load energy absorption in concrete, thus its load-bearing capacity under service or design parameters
  • Reduces crack-induced fragmentation
  • Optimizes concrete’s durability and toughness
  • Replaces conventional steel in many applications
  • Saves time and money while improving performance
  • Reduces weight while improving strength
  • When used without steel—with or without basalt fiber rebar—increases resistance to rust and corrosion
  • Extended lifecycle testing proves no corrosion after twenty years
  • Alkali-resistant
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Blast- and impact-resistant
  • Mixes well in concrete
  • Non-water soluble
  • Excellent finishability
  • Lighter weight can reduce shipping costs
SafeTcrete™ Precast improves corrosion resistance.
It replaces conventional steel in many applications.
SafeTcrete™ Precast increases the load-bearing capacity of concrete under service or design parameters.
Product Characteristics

Specific gravity: 1.16

Fiber configuration: Bi-component; Proprietary coating over plied strands

Fiber length: 63.5mm (2.5”)

Color: Natural

Alkali Resistance: Excellent

Chemical Resistance: Excellent

Absorption: Coating: Nil;
Plied strands: 3 - 5%

Melting point: Coating: does not melt;
Plied strands: 220°C (428°F)

For More Information

SafeTcrete™ Structural Fiber is a Patent Pending, proprietary blend of polymers. For more information about this Structural Fiber System, including impact and compression test data, please contact your Durable Products Group representative.

Precast PDF (1.1 MB)

SafeTcrete™ Impact

SafeTcrete™ Fiber Safety Data

SafeTcrete Precast Safety Data PDF (1.1 MB)


Product characteristics lend it to a variety of concrete applications, including: Precast concrete pipes, slabs, jersey barriers, walls, paving, corrosive area placements, blast containment structures and many other specialty concrete situations.

Dosage Rates

Our engineer will review your cross section drawings and recommend dosage rates that are customized for each of your product castings.


SafeTcrete™ Precast can be added directly to the mix at the casting site or while batching. However, SafeTcrete™ should not be the first ingredient. It should be mixed for a minimum of five minutes at full mixing speed.

SafeTcrete™ Fiber added to mixing conveyor at casting site.